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my 7 year old daughter with swollen tonsils for the past 9 months, has seen our DR. 3 times (negative for strep), with a don’t worry they’ll go away on their own. Jan. we went to the ER for severe abdominal pain, and blood with stool. We were told she was dehydrated, constipated, and had a lymphnode infection. We were sent home with a script of augmentin, diet chandge, fluids, and see your DR in 2 days. Saw DR as directed, refered to ped. gastro phd, tonsils normal (haven’t seen her throat like that since summer.) Saw Ped. gastro phd. 2 weeks later, as long as miralax was working, and no more blood with stool, she was happy with progress, contact Dr. about swollen tonsil. Took her to see our Dr last week and were told wait 2 more weeks and see if they disappear on their own. Her throat this evening is almost swollen shut. Our Dr does not have office hours on Wednesdays, I can’t help but think the worst, will be making an appointment with Dr tomorrow. Just curious if there maybe another opinion than “it’s nothing wait a few weeks.” Is this a food allergy, or a constant lymphnode infection, what causes lymphnode infections, how do you cure them??? If you have any advise. Thank you for your time.

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