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how serious is an enlarged aorta?

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  • Dr. Chris July 14, 2011

    It depends on several factors including the size and shape of the enlargement. An aneurysm is ballooning of a portion of the aorta that may be associated with many different causes. Sometimes the underlying cause is more “serious” than the aneurysm itself. But nevertheless, there is always a risk of the aneurysm tearing which can be fatal. Once again, it depends on several factors and you should speak to your doctor about. Another conditions, aortic root dilation, is where the first part of the aorta widens often associated with hypertensive heart disease (high blood pressure). This prevents the aortic valves from stopping backward flow of blood into the heart when it relaxes. So you need to speak to your doctor, get all the facts and possible complications that may arise. You will then be in a better position to decide on the step forward along with your doctor.

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