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Hi! I just want to know if eating the right food can help me go on diet? i ask this because most of the food i ate are healthy ones like chicken, beef, fish with scale. Before i used to eat pork but now i dont anymore. I reside in the Phils, and way back 3 months ago i went to accompany a relative to see a Doctor that uses “EGG” as therapy. Egg per se , can help a lot of things in our body that we tend to disregard its importance due to the stigma that egg carries a lot of cholesterol. As i wsa listening to the explanation of the Cardiologist Doctor, he treated a lot of patient seeking help on a last resort. Patients include are : Renal failure Pt, Liver Cirrhosis, Cancer, and alot more. Diet is also included in his explanations. Egg , chicken meat, beef, and fish with scale can help our cells reform and add nutrients to its missing links or components , cause it belongs to GOOD CHOLESTEROL. Pork belongs to BAD CHOLESTEROL. That’s why many of the Class A people statistically studies says “die of a heart disease” esp those trying to maintain the cholestrol level required by their Physicians. Despite of the Pt compliance to medicines they take still they are at RISK – Doctor said.
Only EGG can help coat the cells well to avoid damages esp organs in our body. Doc require to eat 3-6 egss a day.
For Cancer Pt- they require raw egg accordingly. These patient’s are being monitored by Cardio Physicians.
Now, i am on the way to follow the diet regimen as mentioned by the said AP, but then, i just want to ask for a second opinion of the food other than the ones i mentioned earlier. Maybe – this will help me pursue dieting without taking diet pills, coffee or tea which am afraid taking it in. Others say, that diet components that are sold in the market or pharmacies doesnt have S/Sx (signs and symptoms) which i dont agree. In my own experience before , i experience headache and even dry mouth. What do they call this effect? ISnt it still a symptoms of the diet materials in the market.
Thats why i want to ask help from you whether am on the right track believing and pursuing a diet regimen or are there other options that i can get from you to help me loose weight correctly.

Thanks a lot!

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  • Dr. Chris September 12, 2011

    Weight loss is a balance between the calories you put in (food) and calories you expend (exercise). If you put in more than you expend then you will gain weight. Similarly if you expend more than you eat then you will lose weight. I think you are bringing a lot of additional information into the mix here that may not be relevant for you. You have many questions and have taken a lot of information from different sources. Your bets approach is to consult with your doctor and then see a dietitian and get an eating plan that is right for you and your lifestyle. Moderate calories, low GI (glycemic index) and a good intake of protein. Your doctor will be able to advise you further on your specific case and for your cholesterol levels (if you have hyperlipidemia). Although obesity is a contributor to high cholesterol levels, you can also have it and still have a normal BMI. The information about dietary changes for cholesterol may still be relevant to you, as with any person, but not help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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