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My Thumbs hurt so much from just simple moves
Pushing a staple remover in order to pull out a staple. Yesterday i did that and it hurt so much.

Then myother thumb, has been hurting for a long time(months).

My doctor noticed my thumbs are kinda weird and they over bend backwards…not that much but definitely more than the typical person.
and because of that and all the other symptoms he has noted on me, he gave me a diagnosis of Marfan\’s. in fact alot of my body is hurting and theer is no explanation.

So yeah i may have marfan\’s in some way. even if i don\’t have it fully.
I do have a skinny body and slight scoliosis . i\’ve also had alot of chest pains since i was 13(now i\’m 31).

But since i don\’t have all the physical symptoms ( i\’m not that flexible or double jointed or whatever which is a symptom of Marfan\’s and i do\’t have a concave chest)
doctor said i may have a Variant of marfan\’s.

Well my thumbs are hurting alot at work, where i have to do a lot of manual stuff and also typing is making my thumbs hurt.

What is there to do?

Also there have been times, like 3 months ago, where i suddenly have strong aweful chest pain that makes me unable to breath in.. Heart doctor said my heart was ok but who knows that maybe my lungs may be the problem.

But anways, my doctor who said i have a Marfan\’s variant said that the best thing is to go to physical therapy. to evaluate the thumb but also for strengthteing and also due to the fact that recently i\’ve been getting aweful chest pains since like a month ago due to my scoliosis Spine having an aweful twist that\’s causes rib to be dislocated( which the chiropractor found out).

So i\’m going to physical therapy, hope that helps.
Is this plan good?

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  • Dr. Chris February 6, 2011

    You have posted many long reports and questions on this platform regarding your various symptoms. Fortunately your doctor has finally reached a diagnosis. Take your doctor’s advice and follow through with the physical therapy and any other measures that he may deem necessary. Please understand that this is a public platform that is free of charge and we discourage multiple questions regarding the same matter. You have been advised repeatedly to seek medical attention and now that you have, just follow through with the doctor’s advice. Any contribution from our part may just complicate your therapy and recovery.


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