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I have a horrible cough with a dark yellow phlegm that is very thick and looks like it has worm like shapes (plural) throughout that is worse when I eat something…particularly something unhealthy. I have had a sputum test done to no avail. I think I have Candida (intestinal) because I had a bad outbreak on my tongue that is no longer there but the sugar cravings are still present although much less intense. I also have really bad acid reflux. all my joints hurt and I am exhausted all the time. I live an extremely healthy lifestyle and eat mostly organic food so these symptoms are confusing. I would like to get tested for Lyme/Parasites?Candida as I believe it may be one or more of all three but cannot find out where to get intensive & accurate testing? Am I on the right track and if so where should I go for testing? I live in Canada but am willing to get tested in the USA. Thank you very much in advance!!!!

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  • Dr. Chris August 25, 2011

    A sputum test (culture and cytoscopy) will accurately identify most microorganisms in the sputum or at least indicate the presence of certain types of immune cells associated with an infection. If in doubt, another test can be done. The morning sputum should ideally be used. Acid reflux can cause irritation of the upper esophagus, throat, mouth and even nasal passages. This can lead to the mucus you are describing.

    Many patients get distracted by public/media hype particularly surrounding Lyme disease, parasitic infections and oral Candida. While these infections may occur, it is not as common as you think. With regards to oral candidiasis, it is not often seen in a healthy person and mainly occurs in immunocompromised patients – HIV and poorly controlled diabetes for example.

    Any doctor will be able to help you with finding the appropriate tests in your area and then take it further. Do not get distracted entirely by what you are seeing. There could be underlying diseases contributing to this presentation. Either way your doctor should first consider treating and managing your reflux and see if this alleviates your symptoms.


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