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I have been experiencing pain in my ribs, from between my shoulder blades to my right nipple. I originally thought it may be from my recent cold and a coughing fit, but my ribs have become more tender, with a dark green (no odour) discharge from my right breast when I express it.

I have had a small amount of discharge from both of my breasts (when pressure is applied) since having my child 6 years ago, but it has never been this colour.

I have also recently started a self-defence course, and thought the pain may have been a muscular strain.

Is this something to be worried about?

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  • Dr. Chris November 27, 2010

    Any abnormal discharge should be investigated. A green discharge may be the sign of a chronic infection where the broken down neutrophils (a type of immune cell) releases a green pigmented enzyme. This is one of the causes but you should not take this as the cause of your condition. You should see a doctor. You could have experienced trauma of the chest on your self-defense course and an infection may have set in. It could also have arisen as a result of a chest (lung) infection. See a gynecologist as soon as possible.



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