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can a cervical pinched nerve be allevated w/o the uses of surgery?

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  • Louie November 1, 2010

    they have a device that you can put over the top of a door. It has a chin strap and a bag you put water in, and it pulls the vertbrae apart. With time this will relieve the pain and can solve your problem. You can get it at any medical store like Pelton’s medical supplies.


  • Dr. Chris November 5, 2010

    Spinal traction should be done under the supervision of a physical therapist. It involves using weights (like water filled bags) to apply pressure on the spinal column so as to ease some of the pressure exerted on the nerve. These are temporary measures and depending on the cause of nerve root compression, surgery may be the only option for a permanent solution. However, you should speak to your doctor about the procedure. Many do not find significant relief after surgery and quite a few patients report and aggravation of the initial symptom.


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