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Im 31 now but at 6, i suffered a brain injury because i was in a bus crash. I was dead/comma(suffered broken limbs , cuts etc) for like 2 or 3 weeks, and when i woke up I could not talk.

SLowly i regained understanding of speech but ever since I’ve been different than everybody else. People think that i don’t talk cause i’m shy.
Yeah i’m shy but i don’t talk because talking for me it’s difficult.

So i’ve never talked much since that childhood trauma.
In fact from that time until Now, i pretty much don’t talk and i just stay with mouth closed..and when i have to talk…It takes me alot of effort to find out what to say and i have to think about how to say it and how to start talking because it’s just like my brain is all confused. I can’t find words quickly…well but it’s cause i don’t memorize any words. I’ve tried, i even went to school but words don’t seem to stay in my brain.

my vocabulary is really low. and i speak slow and I often miss pronunciation.. LIke if i start saying a question
“Do you know where…..?” I missed the KNOW and say it as KNEE soemtimes (“Do you Knee…” and realize i messed up) even though i thought about saying it correctly.

coming up with stuff to say is sooo difficult. i try but nothing comes, so I always just with my mouth closed. People think i’m weird or shy. Yes i’m shy but it’s cause i feel very different and i don’t have talking skills like everyone else my age.

Writing is easier because i can see what i wrote before so i don’t forget it and don’t get so confused..but
in talking i have trouble making long complex phrases or sentences cause i get confused on what i’m trying to say.

I’m latino american. The language i had first was spanish and when i had the accident it was spanish, i hadn’t learned english.

But I have the same trouble with Spanish that i do with English, in fact it’s worse cause i live in america and English is what i used in school and what i use in my daily life at work, etc.

I understand everything when i listen to conversations in English and spanish but only if they’re basic, simple or semi-advanced, but more normal adult conversations i get sooo confused and can’t understand.

Interestingly i’ve done good when i studied foreign languages. like i’ve studied some Asian language and i feel more confident in it than in my own languages because often people from that country aren’t as judgemental about my speaking skills. When i talk in English or SPanish with AMerican or Latin people i realy don’t feel confident.

Another thing about me is I have great ideas and thoughs everyday but to me i can understand it all. but if i were to explain it to someone i just don’t know how.

also i’m good with art and music: i make art, computer graphics, remember tons and tons of melodies and can hum great songs and full songs..have learned some guitar etc etc but SPEAKING is just something that i find difficult.

So that’s it.
Do you think i have some form of MILD Expressive asphasia or something? I feel really slow, sometimes my brain gets stuck and i can’t even think or come up with anything.

For example when people my age talk they are fluent like
“Hey Johny. whata you say we go out to the bar and hit the,,fefefefefjefkjefkejfejjfkejfjem etc etc”

When i try talking it’s more like
“Hi…………………..uhm……..where are youfrom?……………oh i see…………uhm…………Do you knee(attempted to say know)……uhm..DO you know this city?(This is where i feel really bad cause my talk seems so childish and simple and wrong full of mistakes).”

I want to improve my mental functioning both in comprehension and talking. should i go to speech therapy

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  • Dr. Chris January 12, 2011

    Yes, you do seem to need speech therapy. A seasoned speech and language pathologist working in association with a neurologist may be able to help you further. Trauma to the Broca’s speech area of the brain could be responsible for your aphasia. This may or may not be related to your accident earlier in life but it is difficult to say and only your doctor can comment further. If your case history is not available, then further investigation will help to identify a possible cause. Find an experienced speech and language pathologist in your area.


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