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Seven days a ago I had an uncontrollable cough attack. I coughed so hard that when I finally stopped coughing I felt a severely painful headache. I was able to suppress the pain with ibuprofen but it’s been seven days now and I still feel the pain. How serious is this?

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  • Dr. Chris December 13, 2010

    You seem to have asked two questions here – no, coughing cannot CAUSE an aneurysm. This is a weakening of the vessel wall that occurs over a period of time due to various other causes and there are certain predisposing factors that also has to be present.

    The headache may have nothing to do with the coughing. Or it may be due to the same cause as the coughing. But it could be related to muscle spasm, possibly as a result of the violent coughing. Many chest, neck and even face muscles are involved with coughing. You may have strained a muscle or there may be persistent spasm of a muscle of the neck or face. This could cause a headache.

    You should see a doctor to have this verified.


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