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Hi there,

Im a 30 yr old man, and I’m living in Japan, teaching here for a year. My girlfriend recently arrived here and we’ve been having a lot of sex.. I’d say at least once a day for the last month, and she’ll be here for another month.

The problem I’m having is that there is a hard cord-like vein (I guess its a vein), and I first noticed it on the left side of my groin, it almost felt like a tendon, and it went to the shaft of my penis. then it was just on the shaft.. It hurt for a little while, but now it seems to be okay, though it has moved up to just below the head of my penis, and it seems to be traveling around the bottom of my foreskin, right below the head. Its kindof uncomfortable sometimes, and it’s making the foreskin harder to harder to pull back over the head..

I’ve read a little about this, and it sounds like some sort of thrombosed vein? that may have been inflamed from having vigorous sex?

First, should I be going to see a doctor about this? It’s quite a mission as a non-japanese speaker to go to the doctor here.. so I’d rather not if it doesn’t seem like I have to, and also can I continue to have sex? obviously I’d rather keep on doing that too, as I only have another month to do so.

It seems strange that it’s traveled up the length of my penis, and now is the most swollen at the end.. I’ve read that maybe it’ll go away if i take anti-inflammatories, will ibufrofen or voltaren work for that? or maybe aspirin.

Thanks in advance for your help, I’d really appreciate an opinion on this. Also please let me know if you require any more information


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  • Dr. Chris October 29, 2010

    This could just be a case of urethritis possibly due to trauma or even an infection. What you may be describing is phimosis which is a difficulty in retracting the fore skin. You have to see a doctor irrespective of language differences. It may be necessary. You may have contracted an infection (first verify with a doctor before assuming) and leaving this unattended could lead to complications at a later stage.

    As for your other symptoms involving the groin area, it is difficult to say for sure although you have tried hard to be as descriptive as possible. This could be due to varioceles(varicosities of the spermatic vein), epididymitis or epididymal cysts. The area has to be examined thoroughly to be sure.

    I would not advise attempting to self medicate. You are not sure of the cause and you could just be doing yourself more harm by attempting to treat this without seeing a medical practitioner.


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