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iv just gave up smoking and now im couhing up clear , green and brown stuff , the green and brown are spotted in the clear stuff i have been on antiboictics amoxicillin 250mg 4 5 day so far for my ears

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  • Dr. Chris January 25, 2011

    While many smokers who recently quit report a productive cough, this is usually clear to yellow mucus and is temporary. It does not result in actual need to cough but rather the presence of mucus (sputum) upon coughing. Under normal circumstance sputum should not be present. However green and brown mucus are often indicative of an infection.

    Given your current ear infection, it may be possible that you do have a respiratory tract infection as well (could be unrelated to smoking or quitting). Speak to your doctor about it and he/she may consider taking a sputum sample for testing or even increasing the dosage or strength of your antibiotic. You can find a list of causes of various sputum colors in this article –


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