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I gave birth just over 2 years ago and despite my wish for an elective cesarean, this did not happen. I went into pre-term labor and delivered at 32 weeks. It was a vaginal delivery because the labor was so fast and by the time I got to the hospital, the gynecologist told me that my baby was too far down.

Although it was pre-term, my daighter was remarkably big and even my gynecologist was surprised. He had to do an episiotomy. I recovered very well and did not have any pain after about 2 months. I thought everything was ok but about 3 weeks ago, I started yoga again which I had not done for years.

I noticed quite intense pain in certain positions, especially when I curl up and bring my thighs to my chest. Its like between my tail bone and the pubic area. I cannot really pinpoint it. I am wondering if this is related to the episiotomy and if there has been any permanent damage. Will the pain ever go down so that I could return to yoga classes? Could there be any permanent damage?

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  • Dr. Chris September 28, 2010

    Firstly it has to be established whether this is actually related to childbirth or some other cause may be responsible. If you have not experienced any difficulty in walking or when sitting/lying down in these 2 years, then it may not be completely related to an episiotomy. At this point the area would have healed completely and if there were some complications, you should have noticed it sooner.

    You should see a gynecologist and possibly an orthopedist and discuss this condition with them. Further tests may be necessary before a diagnosis can be made. Unless you know the exact cause, it is difficult to say whether it will settle. This could just be muscular in origin or related to a tendon or ligament. You may have strained or sprained it by not warming up properly or through some other activity that is not related to the yoga.


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