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2 years ago I injured my back working as HCA on a medical ward.
It felt like something ripped in the lower right side of my back.
Am still in constant pain. Saw a surgeon who said that in his opinion there was a problem with the facet joints but he did not think an operation would help as the nerves appeared not to be badly squashed.

Attened pain clinic. Have had 2 lots of cortisone injections which gave releif for approx 2 months each time. Now told can not have anymore.
Had a procedure to burn through the nerves of affected joints that may have helped, unfortunatley it did not, in fact it made things worse.
Now on morphine patches with liquid morphine and co-codamol to try and keep pain at bay.
Use a tens machine, that blocks pain while carrying out everyday tasks but as soon as i switch it off pain is back with a vengance.
Find carrying out everyday tasks very difficult!!!

If I do anything that involves bending or stretching or lifting and carrying the pain becomes unbearable and the whole area gets really hot.

I do not think that the morphine is any use at all, it just makes me dopey, and my fear is becoming addicted to it.

Has anyone any ideas of an effective way of getting releif from pain and being able to just function normally.

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