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I have problems in my ear. It started when I was 7 years old. That time, it was just thought to be the bacterial infection and some other minor problems. Antibiotics were given and it was alright, but the problem recurred after about 2 years and since then I am having a chronic ear problem. 3-4 years ago i had done a minor surgery to cut the swelling in the tissue in my mid-ear and that too reduced the problem, but these days I am again having ear discharge (Both Brown thick (foul smell) and watery (cerebro-spinal fluid I guess)). what can I do to resolve the problem? I can’t hear too, with that ear.. I am 18 years now. I hope I’ll find the solution.

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  • Dr. Chris July 20, 2011

    You need to see an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) immediately and not try to manage this condition on your own. From what you are describing, you most likely had chronic middle ear infections (otitis media) from early childhood. The infection recurs frequently for long periods of time, and sometimes does not resolve fully yet persists with such mild symptoms that it often goes unnoticed. You may, however, only remember the isolated incident or two. Over time, it can do significant, irreversible damage to the walls and bones of the middle ear. Another possibility as well, from what you are describing, is a cholesteatoma but your otoloaryngologist will discuss this with you.

    Right now, the priority is to diagnose and treat the current ear symptoms you are experiencing. The smelly discharge may be seen with a cholesteatoma as well with an infection. Once this had been treated and the condition properly managed, your doctor will have to verify whether there is any permanent damage to the areas already mentioned. The loss of hearing is a major concern as well and this will have to be investigated thoroughly. Further treatment options will have to be considered, which may include surgery. Please see your family doctor immediately and request a referral to an otolaryngologist in your area. Failure to attend to this condition can lead to more widespread damage and even extend to surrounding structures, with possibly life-threatening consequences.

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