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chronic diarrhea & stomach cramps for a month? ideas pls
My husband has had diarrhea on and off for the past month and when he has his episodes he is in pain with his stomach cramping. this has resulted in weight loss over the month, tiredness and not being able to eat.
I have taken a sample into our gp’s today but they have told him just to put up with it which i dont think is right. Have you any ideas

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  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    Your husband needs to see another doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist. Chronic diarrhea may be related to a number of causes so it is difficult to diagnose on its own but the loss of weight and fatigue does raise concerns about systemic infections like HIV, cancer, autoimmune diseases and various malabsorption syndromes. You may find more causes in this article –

    Bottom line is that he needs medical attention and may be severely dehydrated already. You should go to the ER if the symptoms suddenly worsen but for now find another GP or see a specialist as soon as possible


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