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I am 39 year old male 203pounds, have been having chest pains for over a year now but the doctor has put this down to costochondritis and gerd have had a few ecgs and a stress-test also an x-ray of the neck (cervical rib)but all cameback fine have aslo had the normal bloods done and that showed a very slightly high esr level (as was having splinter hemorages on finger nails but they have cleared up now) but that has gone down to normal now,but over the last few months or so have have noticed large visable veins leading from my shoulder to my breast/heart area left side they are not bulging just very visable,also seem to have discomfet in my left shoulder/arm and sometimes pins/needles in my little finger/ring finger could this be heart related as my doctor has just said not to worry.also my blood pressure does vary a bit sometimes upto 140/90 but the doc tells me that is fine, Aswell as that my chest/sterum has started to crack sometimes when i move or i have to crack it myself by moving from side to side (but sometimes that does not help and it seems as if my chest/sterum locks up for a while and i cannot move.
+ also seen to get stressed easy and sometimes my chest begins to ache then.

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  • Dr. Chris January 7, 2011

    It is quite possible that this is a cardiovascular problem and it is advisable that you see a cardiologist as soon as possible. Fluctuations in blood pressure, splinter hemorrhages, distended veins and chest pain are symptoms of various cardiovascular disorders.

    However these symptoms may also be related to other conditions and of course there are various factors regarding your medical history, current health status and so on that have to be taken into consideration. Due to life threatening nature of many cardiovascular disorders, it is best to have a cardiologist exclude or confirm the existence of these diseases before focusing on other conditions.

    Your symptoms are also indicative of chest wall problems, possibly costochondritis. You do admit to getting stress easily and chest pain is a common feature in anxiety disorders. So you may have more than one condition existing concurrently which could be “confusing” the clinical evaluation.


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