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How much effective is HPV Vaccine (indicated for cervix cancer) in sexually active females?

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  • Dr. Chris August 19, 2011

    This question should be directed at your doctor or preferably gynecologist as there are regional variations. HPV is not the sole cause of cervical cancer but it is significant enough to warrant vaccination in sexually active women. However, there has an interesting article published in The Lancet journal (September 2010) with regards to an increase in cervical cancer despite HPV vaccination. This once again affirms the fact that cervical cancer may be multifactorial but should not detract from the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine in curbing HPV infection and therefore associated conditions like cervical cancer. Please speak to your doctor/gynecologist. This platform is only for the personal use of readers and is not intended to serve as an educational resource for medical students/professionals nor determine therapeutic protocol in that regard.


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