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I’ve had cellulitis of the feet now for about a month. ER gave me anti-biotics and pain reliever..although it hasn’t gone away completely it has half healed quickly. What i want to know is if it will go away altogether and when?

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  • Dr. Chris November 28, 2010

    The cellulitis should resolve completely if you were prescribed the correct dosage of antibiotics. If yo have other underlying predisposing conditions like diabetes, then the proper management of this condition is essential as well. Although you were seen and prescribed these meds at the ER, they should have advised you on a follow up consultation with a specialist physician. If you have not done so, it would be advisable to see a general practitioner on a regular basis until the infection resolves.

    If you do not have any other underlying condition and have been taking your meds properly then the issue may be with the dosage or the causative organism.


  • john1968 November 28, 2010

    If infection is not totally healed my advice is to visit doctor or seek for additional opinion (go to another doctor). This type of cellulitis infection as you described in question, usually healed in 10-15 days if all OK. There is a possibility of developing much serious infections in your case, so visit your doctor as soon as possible. Also, you should start to use echinacea or similar natural product for increasing your natural defense system and save yourself of infection recurrence.
    Conclusion: Visit your doctor again (or seek for opinion from another doctor) and educate yourself about prevention of recurrence.


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