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Hiv Positive detected on 3 june 2011
Results on 10 June 2011
WBC 4,300 cells/mm3; %CD4 28.28%; CD4 count 458 cells/mm3; Viral load 3,407 copies/ml
Results on 2 August 2011
WBC 4,700 cells.mm3; %CD4 31.41%; CD4 count 496 cells/mm3; Viral load 16,746 copies/ml
Please interpret these results.
Thank you

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  • Dr. Chris August 8, 2011

    It is important that you discuss your results with the doctor overlooking your case, preferably a specialist physician focusing primarily on HIV management. Attempting to interpret the results without your doctor’s input can be misleading as it depends on various factors including HAART, the presence of AIDS-defining illnesses and so on. Slight changes in your CD4 cell count and viral load may occur upon successive HIV screens but this is not necessarily clinically significant unless it continues to rise or fall. With regards to your viral load, however, and the significant rise from June to August, it suggests that your condition is progressing. In other words, the virus is replicating. You may read more about this in our article on HIV Viral Load Guide –
    We generally do not interpret any results for users as this sometimes offers a false sense of hope and detracts the person from seeking proper medical attention. It is imperative that you sit down and discuss this with your doctor. If you are attempting to monitor your condition on your own with the aid of laboratory tests, this can play against you as it may delay the appropriate medical measures from being undertaken that could assist your condition and prolong your lifespan.


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