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can not have bowl movement after three enamas and 8 stool sofners have had 6 surgerys in 12yrs for fistualas of the large intestion and bladder… got double loop in lg intestion got ALOT of pain in stomache and back near kidney some chest pain looks AS IF I AM 7 MONTHS PREG… I HAVE COLLITIS ,GERDS,COPD,IBS,HAD COLOSTOMI [DONUT] REFURERSED HAVE NO INSUR AND CAN NOT FIND OR AFFORED A DOCTOR THAT WILL HELP ME HERE IN TENN PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED TO GO TO BATHROOM PLEASE

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  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    Your case is complicated and you need to be consulting with a gastroenterologist. Your constipation could be a consequence of the conditions that you have, complications from surgery or side effects of the medication that you are using.

    Therefore you need specialist medical treatment and we cannot offer you much advice on this platform. This service is solely to help guide users and not serve as a medical consultation.

    The issue surrounding medical insurance is a common issue reported by users but the bottom line is that you need to consult with a medical specialist and we cannot offer you any assistance. We do not provide referrals to doctors in any region and hopefully another user/reader can help you.


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