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Last Tues. i went to the hospital for lower abdominal pain the doc. told me i had PID (Pelvic inflammatory Disease)he gave a shot in the butt and 4 pills then discharged me with no prescription just to follow up an appointment with a doc. the pay went away on thursday but i also broke out with a yeast infection (i didn’t know) i had sex on sunday and then i figured out i had one when i went to the bathroom from from burning when i peed. So is there a possibility i could have made my pid worst or was it already cured before i had sex and my boyfriend is clean he tested negative for any stds.

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  • Dr. Chris November 24, 2010

    The condition may have recurred or it could have aggravated because it had not resolved completely. Hopefully you did attend the follow up appointment after the initial visit at the hospital. You should see a gynecologist to verify whether the condition is progressing. Do not delay as it can lead to a host of complications including infertility.


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