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Q:Could bowel impaction cause pain under the rib cage on the left side? I have a slightly enlarged spleen my doctor told me last year and I had a bulge on the left side just below the rib cage about four inches long and two inches wide. Tender to the touch, all the lower part of my rib cage. Went to ER all they did is a CT scan and no blood work and gave me two pain shots and two RX\\\’s one was cipro and the other vicodin. never told me anything and sent me home. Please help can\\\’t deal with this pain, does anyone have any ideas what thi can be

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  • Dr. Chris January 30, 2011

    An enlarged spleen may not necessarily be the cause of the pain. You should have followed up with your doctor about the cause of this swelling. It would need to be investigated carefully and the underlying condition treated. Failure to do so could lead to complications, and this is what you may now be experiencing 1 year later. Remember that the ER is there to stabilize you and exclude any conditions that are immediately life threatening. You need to follow up with your doctor after the ER visit. You should go back to the doctor who diagnosed you with a large spleen and report these new symptoms and discuss treatment options. Leaving it untreated could further complication condition.

    Your previous question on this issue was answered here –

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