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I am a 67 year old male 5ft 7, 151 lbs.Recently diagonozed with diabetes.Treatable with diet and excerc. My question: On my left side just under left rib cage it bulges out with little pain. pain increases as I work. I have had a sonogram,xrays and a ct scan with everything looking good. No hernia. The doctors are stumped as I have had this for 4 yrs and am tired of this. I go back to my reg doc to see what to do next. No bleeding ,no pain when you push on bulge,no problem going to the bathroom. What doctor should I go see? Thanks

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  • Dr. Chris September 12, 2010

    If it is a pocket of gas that is causing the bulge then it will not show up on a CT scan or x-ray. This can happen in bend of the colon known as the splenic flexure which is located on the left upper side of the abdomen or just under the rib cage.

    Of course, this would not be present all the time and is usually episodic. Sometimes pockets of tissue bulge out of the colon wall which can get filled with air or even feces.

    It may also be due to gas bloating within the upper gut, mainly the stomach. Other conditions like an enlarged spleen should have also been excluded by your doctor.

    At this point it would be advisable to see a gastroenterologist and have a colonoscopy and/or endoscopy if he/she deems it necessary. Take note if it occurs more frequently after consuming certain foods or drinks and report it to your doctor. It may assist with a diagnosis.


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