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the pains comes a week to my menstruation period,it’s painful.after the menstruation the pains subsides

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  • Dr. Chris February 18, 2011

    Breast tenderness is a common feature of menstruation and can arise just prior to and during your periods. However severe pain should be investigated as the levels of hormones during your periods can exacerbate certain underlying conditions, especially if you have a hormonal imbalance which may be evident with abnormal menstruation. You should see your doctor and have this investigated further. A mammogram may be necessary and your doctor will also consider other tests depending on your medical history, the findings during physical examination and other symptoms that may be present.


  • Connie February 23, 2011

    When I was in my younger 20’s it happened to me. The Dr. said it was my body was telling me that I was ready to have children. When I had a child it no longer happened.


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