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Each time i feel dizziness and my head will be heavy it will be as if am drunk and my eyes will be peppering and as if i put eyes inside the fridge what is the advise or solution

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  • Dr. Chris January 21, 2011

    This could be related to allergies, sinusitis, migraines and even headaches, however there are various conditions affecting the central nervous system (brain, cranial and spinal nerves) that may also be responsible, which could be much more serious. If you have had any head trauma recently, or flu-like symptoms with neck pain, do not delay – see your doctor immediately.

    Your doctor will need to examine you , conduct further tests if necessary and reach a diagnosis. The correct treatment will then be prescribed basd on this diagnosis. Do not attempt to treat or manage this condition in the home environment without seeking medical attention. It could have serious o

    Take note of symptoms like blurred vision, nausea, confusion, and so on as this may help your doctor with a diagnosis.


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