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blood in stool light red in colour for 4 days and not regular?

I had this blood only thrice in 4 days and very light in color

I went to the doctor he examined and said he doenot see any local cause of bleeding from anus area after examination.

what could be the cause? i am worried

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  • Dr. Chris August 9, 2011

    There is a number of causes of blood in the stool. If you noticed fresh blood (hematochezia) then it is an indication of bleeding lower down the gut, usually within the colon but more frequently from the rectal blood vessels which becomes engorged (hemorrhoids or piles). If you notice the blood was more degraded, giving the stool a black tarry appearance, then the bleeding was from higher up in the gut like the stomach or proximal small intestine. The latter is not easily detected by the untrained eye so I will assume that you are referring to bright red blood.

    If your doctor cannot detect any abnormality around the anus then you need to have a colonoscopy immediately. This will allow your doctor to visualize the inside of your colon and identify the possible site of the bleed. It is also useful in identifying abnormal growths like polyps, inflammation and/or ulceration (open sores) and all the other changes in tissue (histological) that may be seen with various diseases of the colon. A small tissue sample may be taken for further examination (biopsy).

    With regards to your case, it is not possible for us to tell you what the cause may be. Your doctor will have to carefully consider you medical history, family history, conduct other investigations and correlate this with clinical findings in order to reach a diagnosis. The most common cause is hemorrhoids (piles) which can present with bright red blood upon wiping or in severe cases even leak and stain the toilet bowel water. However, in this day and age where conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and even colon cancer is becoming more prevalent, it is important to exclude these conditions especially if you are a high risk patient.

    At this point it may be wise to seek a referral to a gastroenterologist so speak to your doctor about this. You may read up on a list of possible causes in this article –

    Take note of any additional symptoms like a change in bowel movements, form/color of stool, abdominal pain, pain while defecating, itching or pain around the anus especially after passing stool and so on. All of this information will help your doctor reach a differential diagnosis and conduct pertinent tests to confirm or exclude these conditions.


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