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My hysterectomy was over four years ago. It was a total hysterectomy. I no longer have a cervix or ovaries. For the past several months I have been experiencing bleeding almost like a period. I bleed from my vagina mostly during a bowel movement, but I could bleed at any time.

Sometimes I pass blood clots and the bleeding is bright red. I was treated for several bladder infections and doctors attributed the bleeding to that. Months after the last infection, I am still having the same problem. My urologist just referred me to the OB/GYN and that appointment is in a couple of weeks.

I sometimes have severe pain in my lower right side; severe nausea; frequent urination and I either have diarhhea or constipation. My symptoms seem to be getting worse and I am now very worried. I have a family history of breast cancer. What should I expect from the ob/gyn, and has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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  • Dr. Alison October 12, 2010

    Some women experience vaginal bleeding months or even years after a hysterectomy. This is definitely not a normal situation and consultation with a gynecologist and a pelvic examination is the best course of action to take. There could be a number of reasons for this bleeding.

    Sometimes, excessive granulation tissue formation at the site of the vaginal cuff that is left behind could cause bleeding. Urinary tract infection, which you have been suffering from, could be another cause.

    You have not mentioned the reason for your hysterectomy. If the surgery was done for endometriosis, or even otherwise, some endometrial tissue (the lining of the uterus) may be left behind which could be the cause of bleeding.

    In case of severe and persistent bleeding, malignancy (cancer) is a possibility which has to be kept in mind. A pelvic examination, ultrasonography and other relevant tests may be advised by your gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis. Once a proper diagnosis is made, you can be assured about the correct treatment which will give you relief from your symptoms.


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