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In September, my husband and I traveled to Mexico. Two weeks after our return, my husband began to get nausea, diarrhea, headaches, weakness, dizziness, and a cough. after 3 doctor’s appointments, 3 antibiotics, 1 steroid, and numerous workups (no stool test) all negative, he was told by the doctors that they didn’t know what was wrong and released him. Upon returning home, his urine was cloudy white for approximately 3 days, he started itching all over his body, and had a rash inside his inner thighs that lasted for a few days. Now he has dark urine (despite drinking adequate amounts of water) with bubbles, still has diarrhea, itching on his thighs and torso, flatulence, contiunes to cough and feels a blockage in his chest. Approximately, 4 weeks after his release, I began to get sick. It started initially with vaginal discharge that was cottage cheese like in nature and some burning and itching. I went to the gynecologist who tested me and said I had a yeast infection. I was treated with Difulcan (2 pills each). I told the doctor about my husband and he said my husband most likely had a yeast infection as well from the antibiotics and he treated both of us. After a few hours, the difulcan seemed to be working but 2 days later, I had a severe rash in my inner thighs, I went back to the gynecologist who did a urianalysis which showed an overgrowth of common flora. He said I had a non-STD bacteria and treated both me and my husband with Cipro for 7 days. Again, the Cipro worked initially, but a week later, I began to experience the same symptoms my husband had initially: nausea, diarrhea with lots of mucos, headaches, weakness, dizziness, but I also had weight loss, and lack of appetite. In the week that followed, I also began experiencing lower back pains, pelvic pains, and inflammation of my digestive and reproductive tracts causing severe pain, urine with white particles in in, and facial skin inflammation that is scaly and red. I went back to the gynecologist and had him test me for gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and had him do a very thorough visual exam. They all came back negative. I also had a pap smear in October 2010 that came back ok. I saw an internist this week for these symptoms. He also did a very thorough exam and he said I most likely have blastocystosis that is now in my blood stream and prescribed metronidazole – 3 times a day for approximately 10 days. I did a stool sample test and will know the results on Monday. I spoke with the doctor today and he said the metronidazole would begin to work fairly quickly. But after 6 pills, I am still having soft stools, pelvic pain, lower back pain and vaginal pain (which I was told is a varicose vein that is inflammed). The blood test I took showed normal white cell count but that I have an electrolyte imbalance. The Urinalysis showed abnormal ketones and leukocyte esterase.

Can you please help me? I have been sick for over 5 weeks now. I have been unable to work because the pain is too great to sit or stand for long periods of time. Thank you for your time.

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  • Dr. Chris January 2, 2011

    A stool test is essential in these cases and it is unfortunate that it was not done in your husband’s case. It would have provided vital information at an early stage and your treatment would have been handled much better. You also mentioned the STD’s but not HIV. Hopefully this has also been done.

    It is difficult to say for sure what the cause could be as even with Blastocystis infection the symptoms would not be so prolonged or intense unless you and your husband were immunocompromised. Fortunately you are now seeing an internist so you are in the right hands. You need to just be patient, await the test results and let the internist decide on the next course of action. It seems quite likely that you and your husband picked up a protozoal infection but rather wait for the test results and advice from your internist.


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