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I stared my period had it for 7 days when it ended 2 days later. I stared bleeding again. Now during this time I miss 3days of my sugar pills and didn’t start new pack until the 4th day of the new pack. On that day I took 3 pills that morning and the 4th pill that night. Then the 5th day the next morning like I would normaly. 3rd day without the pill was when I started bleeding again. Now I have been bleeding since that. Which has been 19 days ago. I’m having brown blood and brite red blood. The brown blood has a bad odor. I’m bleeding pretty bad. I fill up a tampond in 2/3 hours and if I don’t change it will flowing out in my panties. I can feel it flow out when that happens.

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  • sharpe84 February 2, 2011

    The brown blood is old blood. I had to go in for DNC’s every couple years after having my children for the same problem. I’m done having kids, so I now had the thermal eblasion surgery.(I’m sure my spelling is incorrect)


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