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IM a 24 yerar female..i have really bad pain in my legs all the time..what could this be?? sometimes one of my legs will just go to sleep -all the way from the top of my leg to my toes- when im am sitting in a chair just in a normal sitting position which is strange to me.

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  • Dr. Chris September 4, 2011

    There could be various causes including problems with circulation in your legs, a pinched nerve and so on. Given your age and your previous question about chest pain (http://answers.healthhype.com/pain-in-chest-neck-left-arm) I would advise that you see your doctor. Although cardiovascular conditions could account for both the chest pain and leg pain, it is less likely to occur in a person of your age. However, circulatory problems, a pinched nerve, anemia or even certain nutritional deficiencies could be the cause. Your doctor will have to investigate this further before making a diagnosis and prescribing the appropriate treatment. See your doctor as soon as possible.


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