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I\’m a 43 year-old male and started having right knee pain which w/in a few days became feverish and swollen. This progresses to include my left ankle, then hips/lower back. I\’ve felt generally well except for chills and body temp around 96 degrees. There is no rash except slight redness over the inflamed joints. I tested negative for Lyme\’s disease, rhumatoid arthritis, gout, and have not got elevated white blood cells. I\’ve lived and worked in Africa for the past 10 years. COuld this be something parasitic or could I have received a false negative for one of the above tests?

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  • Dr. Chris January 14, 2011

    This could be an infection although your previous tests were negative and I would advise that you see an orthopedic specialist who will examine the are and conduct further tests. Testing for rheumatoid factor which is one of the blood tests to verify rheumatoid arthritis is not raised in every patient with RA. It is also possible that you have a systemic infection which could be accounting for these symptoms and an HIV test would be advisable. Lastly autoimmune disease like lupus (SLE) may also cause many of these symptoms.


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