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I am a 48 year old woman and recently and suddenly I developped pain and heat in my upper arm area. It hurts to lift my arms, moreso my right arm, and if I move my right arm too quickly, I get an intense shooting pain. I have minimal pain elsewhere but I bumped my shin recently and it hurt more than I thought it normally would. I am in perimenopause (or perhaps menopause) and it feels like I am having hot flashes in my arms. I have had breast issues in the past (DCIS, Lumpectomy and radiation in 2003). I am in the process of finding new doctors as both of my breast doctors have left the practice and my internist and gynocologist no longer take my insurance. I am scheduled for a mammogram and ultrasound in two weeks(it has been a year since I had one and it was clean)and I just wanted to know what some of the possibilites of the causes of my symptoms and just the general impression.

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  • Dr. Chris December 6, 2010

    Many of your symptoms could be attributed to neurological causes. This can cause a number of symptoms ranging from tingling to numbness, pain and other unusual sensations like what you may be experiencing. You can read up more about this on :

    Another possibility, given your history, is that pathology within the breast may be affecting the arms as the lympathic supply of both these areas is shared. You would however be experiencing some breast symptoms. This cannot be ruled out through.

    You should see a doctor as soon as you can and not wait for the mammogram (although this is necessary as well).


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