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I have abdominal pains alot . 90% of the time I blow it off as the normal cramp however from time to time they are more severe and just recently while having them a sharp pain will hit me on my upper right side and I can feel this pain coming and going ALOT like a contraction it can go from a average (scale 1-10) 2 to a 10 within secs and go back to 2 within mins. not pregnant,no nausea,shortness of breathe, nothing on scan , nothing on a ultrasound.Im not crazy this pain is real, non sceduled,and diffently not normal to me.
Other issues that may or may not be related….
Lower back pain
Panic attacks
Fatgue- yet that may be from Severe and very frequent nightmares
Irregular periods
Bowl movements that are small but frequent
diagnosed with P.T.S.D 7 yrs ago
No insurance and no idea whats wrong with me

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  • Dr. Chris February 14, 2011

    A lot of your symptoms including the episodes of pain may be associated with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. This does not mean that the pain is not “real” but rather than there is no clear pathological cause that can be detected and attributed as a cause of this pain. You should have a cardiovascular examination as well because cardiac conditions can refer pain to this area, and angina typically lasts for less than 10 minutes like what you describe. Stress is often associated with gastritis and peptic ulcers and a duodenal ulcer may cause the type of pain that you are describing.

    Gallstones, pancreatitis and a number of liver diseases may also be responsible and the former two conditions tend to cause pain that radiates to the back in the manner that you describe.. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may also cause colon cramps (that is why it used to be called spastic colon) and the colon runs in this area. You should first have a stress ECG and then follow up with a gastroenterologist who can conduct further investigations.


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