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I have a partial rupture of the left post tibia ligament and fallen arches on both feet.The pain that i experience when walking after 15-20 mins or on standing for periods of time can be excruciating, on top of that i also suffer hammer toes, have convoluted toenails on some toes and i am a diabetic.I have suffered with my feet for approximately 10 yrs.Luckily at the moment i have an office based job (i work for the prison service)but i fear that they will redeploy me in the near future, and my duties would then entail a lot of walking.I am scared that they will find me unfit for work.My gp has just referred me to a chiropodist/podiatrist as it is more the bio mechanics of my feet that are at fault.I have previously been referred to hospital where i was given specialist made insoles for my shoes, and i now need to go through this process again as i have moved to another county since then.I need to know whether i could be deemed disabled as if so, this would safeguard my present job. Many Thanks Paula

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  • Dr. Chris March 24, 2011

    You need to be assessed by one of the doctors on the SSA panel. He/she will determine if your injury qualifies as a disability. You may also want to speak to a lawyer specializing in disability claims.


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