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Are most AD persons also diagnosed with Obsesive Compulsive Disorder?
If a person diagnosed with AD is controlling, manipulative,
obnoxious, sarcastic and extremely confused about 65 % of the time in her speech and manners, but still “uses” everyone to her advantage, and she does some of the most bizzare things immaginable, such as filling every conceivable empty container with water, then freezing them, or leaving several of them around sinks, tubs and etc. Is it possible that she is mentally floating from one stage to another and then back again, or is that normal (the floating back and forth) with everyone who is diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. Where would I go online to research others taking care of AD persons with these same problems as I don’t know quite how to handle them?

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  • Dr. Chris March 15, 2011

    An OCD may not be present in every case of Alzheimer’s disease. Take note of whether this has been present, even at a milder level, from earlier in life. Certain medication used for neurodegenerative conditions are known to exacerbate OCD but this is still a highly controversial matter.

    You need to discuss this with the doctor who is managing the case and further input may be required by a psychiatrist and neurologist. Remember that you should also consider yourself as a caregiver and have a good support structure and also seek counseling to deal with the mental/emotional impact. There are support groups and counselors who specialize in helping caregivers and while the internet is helpful, it cannot replace the assistance you will get from a professional and face-to-face interaction with others in this predicament.


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