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I had cellulitus in my lower leg about 4 years ago and has left a scar my doctor recomeded for me to use double base cream on the skin as it gets dry. is there anything else I can do as its been over 4 years and the skin still gets very dry and cracks (no sores) also if i keep my leg vertical (i am on my feet most of the day ) the lower part of my leg swells there is no pain and it returns to normal after sleeping over night but does worry me the front part of my leg where the infection was causes me no pain if left alone but if i hit it it feels realy sore and tender is this normal after all these years?

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  • Dr. Chris June 13, 2011

    Yes, tenderness in the area where the cellulitis was may be due to the development of fibrous tissue (scar tissue) which can then press against other structure. It can persist for years afterwards and some patients even complain of soreness ath the site when exposed to cold weather.

    The symptoms you are experiencing (dryness and cracking) may be a result of poor circulation to the leg. This is further confirmed by the swelling that occurs during the course of the day and then resolves after sleeping. The veins of your leg may be compromised (venous insufficiency) and contributes to both the skin symptoms and the leg swelling. You should speak to your doctor about this and look at compression stockings for use during the day. Cellulitis is more likely to occur in cases such as this where there is poor circulation in the limb.

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