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I have multiple health issues and I wasn’t exactly sure into which category my problems would go into.

I am a 26 year old female. After working for a while I took a break(for about an year) and stayed at home and put on a little weight(6-7 lbs).
Then I resumed working and because of change in food timings and lifestyle I got this Acid reflux problem. My main symptoms are excessive hunger(not sure if its hunger/acids), burping and at times pain in stomach. I started taking medication and its kinda in control but not totally cured.
In the meanwhile because of this frequent hunger feeling I started eating a lil more than usual and put on some more weight. Now my heels start aching whenever I stand/walk/jog for long periods.
I know that I should decrease weight for both of these health issues I have, but I am not able to diet coz of this excessive hunger sensation and exercise coz of this heel pain.

Please HELP me!!!!

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  • Dr. Chris January 25, 2011

    While you may have acid reflux, it would also be advisable to see a gastroenterologist who may conduct further investigations for conditions like gastritis (stomach inflammation) or peptic ulcers (open sores in the lining of the stomach or first part of the small intestine known as the duodenum). From the symptoms you describe above, it seems that gastritis or a peptic ulcer is a more likely cause (this is not a diagnosis).

    The hunger sensation is characteristic of both these conditions and appropriate treatment will help ease these symptom. The medication that you are using for acid reflux may not necessarily help for gastritis or a peptic ulcer, although in chronic reflux, some of the medication is the same.

    Remember that even if you are eating frequently, you still have to address the types of foods that you are eating. High calorie high GI foods will contribute to weight gain. Nevertheless you need to get the underlying problem attended to and this needs to be done by a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist. Gastritis and a peptic ulcer is not simply a case of taking an over-the-counter medication like antacids. It will need proper management to facilitate healing and prevent a recurrence.

    You can read more about these conditions in these articles :

    Remember that these are only possible causes and there could be other conditions causing your symptoms which can only be diagnosed by a doctor.


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