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My daughter who is 13 has been feeling unwell for the last 2 months.In the last year she has become very pale and has lost weight even though she eats the same as always.Her energy levels are low and appears depressed and withdrawn. She recieved the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil 2 months ago and this is when her stomach pains started.Almost immediately she became very pale and had stomach pains/gas.She was feeling very tired even though she was sleeping enough. I kept track of her bowel movements and discovered she was severely constipated.Her stools were like pieces of wet cardboard,in pieces and strange colour.She felt sick just before she felt the need to go.I gave her laxose syrup and introduced all bran cereal into her diet which resolved the constipation and stomach pains/gas but I noticed her stools are a very pale colour now.She has pain passing stools also but they are large in size.She has been complaining of blurred vision since getting Gardasil vaccine also. I took her to get an eye test and her vision is perfect.She also has very bad breath and has done for many years even though she has regular check ups,no cavaties or fillings.She says she feels tired and finds it difficult to concentrate at school.Her periods have not started yet and her diet is very healthy. She eats plenty of fruit and veg and only drinks water. She seldomly eats chocolate/crisps and eats a wide variety of food so I am worried why she is so unwell.I took her to a Nutritionist and she suggested staying off dairy products and take probiotics. So for the last week she has been doing this.She says she feels more refreshed after sleep and her does not feel so tired at school.She has stopped eating cereal and milk for breakfast and her bowel movement have gone from once a day to 3 day gaps.Her stool has changed colour from dark grey to pale/white. She says that the gas/stomach pain has gone and feels better. She is still pale.I am taking her to the doctor today to get blood tests as Nutritionist advised.She suggested a Full thyroid test be done and also a Vitamin and Mineral Deficency test.I would appreciate another opinion on her condition, thank you very much

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  • Dr. Chris November 21, 2010

    The first thing that needs to be excluded here is vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Iron-deficiency anemia is common in young menstruating girls. Other nutrient deficiencies may be related to malabsorption syndromes. Anemia will explain the paleness, fatigue and so on. Constipation is also common in these cases. It is also advisable to exclude any obstruction in the bowel. The doctor will consider this after the preliminary testing. In all likelihood it may be a vitamin and mineral deficiency, most likely iron, which is common in this age group. It may not have been related to the vaccine. However this is the most likely cause and not definitely the reason why your daughter is experiencing these symptoms. Allow the doctor to do the necessary tests and follow through with it. Pale stools may indicate an obstruction to the outflow of bile into the gut.

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